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Gisela Di Fabio
Professional Coach

After many years of managing, founding and improving businesses, I decided to follow my passion. I discovered it at the early stages of my business career and it consists
of mentoring, motivating and helping everyone around
me to turn their goals into reality. At that point, I was
using the skill set I had developed as a team leader in
a managing position.


When I became a coach, I had to improve my skill set and learn this form of art. Every day, this is allowing me to take my passion to the next level. Coaching is an amazing method that allows both, the coachee and me, to find surprising answers and amazing learning opportunities, through partnering, while transiting their transformational process. 


All this is possible while holding humbleness, compassion, equality and hope as my core values. I am eager to hear from you, are you ready for your next AHA! moment?

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"Amazingly talented,

full of knowledge and a great way to set goals and achieve them!"

Tomas Lundahl

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