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Being on Automatic Pilot

Through coaching I discovered that most of the time we live in "autopilot". We live constantly doing what comes across our day without even thinking it that much.

We get so distracted that we don't even take a minute to treasure and thank enough all the opportunities and blessings we have. Nor do we order ourselves to spend time on the things we really want to do.

The first thing I tend to do with my coachees after setting up the goals, is colaborate in raisign awareness. That's where magic begins. Once we become aware of our free time, how we spend it and the distractions we face; that's when we detect all the opportunities we have as well as all the excuses we said to ourselves in order to procrastinate projects we wished to develop, but somehow didn't dare to carry out.

Naturally we start organizing ourselves with intentionality and one of the tools we use is a not-to-do list. This consists in deciding consciously and intentionally what we really want to do as well as what we don't. We learned how to make to-do lists of those things we have to do and occupy our days with favors others asked us, plans that sometimes we do not want to go, daily tasks that are not important or a priority, and they take time away from things that do matter. For example, spending time with our loved ones, taking a break to thank all the little things, enjoy a cup of coffee, work on that pending project, rest or even take care of ourselves.

Today I'd like to encourage you to be conscious of your time; to check how you are spending it and what is it you've been postponing because "you don't have time" or money or whatever excuse you've put yourself. I want to invite you to take charge of your day and choose intentionally which activities are you going to get into your agenda and which ones you're leaving out.

So tell me...are you living intentionally or in autopilot?

Do you think you need help during this process? Give me a call, I'd love to help you!

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